All-Risks Danforth Auto Insurance Quotes

Know You're Protected

We all hope that we will never need auto insurance but it is a necessary part of the lives of all drivers -as it is also required by law.

Auto insurance consists of many aspects, some of which are required by law and some that may be specific to a driver.

If you own an automobile or other vehicle you are required to have auto insurance.  Insurance of any kind is purchased to help protect you financially should an accident or injury occur.  Auto insurance is necessary to help protect you from possibly paying for a number of things such as:

  1. repair bills should your car, or another vehicle, be damaged in an accident
  2. replacing your vehicle should it be stolen
  3. possible liability claims if you are held responsible for an accident that causes damage

Coverage for theft, fire and vandalism are common however not everyone is aware that they can purchase additional accident protection or vehicle depreciation waivers.  The friendly neighbourhood-style team at All-Risks Danforth will take the necessary time to review your specific needs, make suggestions for coverage and then provide you with a policy that is right for you.

Contact us today or simply submit an online request.  Our team will be delighted to assist you.

Standard Auto

Refers to basic auto insurance which is available to drivers. This includes drivers who maintain an average risk profile.

High Risk

A high-risk auto policy may involve an individual who has had one or more accidents, received speeding tickets, driven under the influence, or other traffic infractions.

Vintage Autos

Focused on providing coverage for antique, classic, hot rod and custom vehicles.  Vintage status is classified by automobiles that are 20+ years old.

Commercial Auto

Whether your fleet is a single vehicle or consists of 10+ vehicles, specific insurance coverage and policy inclusions are necessary to protect against the risk of injury, accidents, theft or liability.

Commercial Fleet

Protecting your fleet is critical to ensuring your business avoids catastrophic losses or interruptions.  It is key in protecting your business continuance should a situation arises.