All-Risks Danforth Non-Standard Property Insurance Quotes

Non-Standard Property Insurance

When your insurance coverage is not so straightforward or your needs are unique.

Non-Standard Property Insurance covers unique circumstances or situations ranging from builder’s risks to out-of-country property owners, to properties that contain knob & tube, galvanized plumbing, oil tanks, etc.  Even if you have lost insurance as a result of too many claims with a previous provider, the team at All-Risks Danforth Insurance Brokers understands and they have the necessary experience with these situations to help you find a solution that is right for you.  We will work with our array of insurance partners, to help you find coverage to meet your unique needs.

Simply submit a request online or call our office, one of our neighbourhood-style brokers will be delighted to assist you with your unique Non-Standard Property Insurance needs.

Vacant Property

If your property is vacant for 30+ days your standard coverage will be voided.  You will need to extend that coverage with vacant property insurance.

Out of Country Owners

Non-resident owners or owners who are vacationing long-term out of the country will require proper coverage adjustments and additions.

High-Risk Properties

Homes with knob and tube wiring, galvanized plumbing, student rentals, and more may be considered as high risk.  All must be considered when creating a policy that will be valid if an emergency situation arises.

Multiple Mortgages

When more than one mortgage exists on a property.  You can only have one homeowner CMHC insured mortgage at a time, however, we can create coverage to protect your 2nd or 3rd mortgages.

Hard-to-Place Homeowners

This situation may arise in applications for policies that have been determined to have a high-risk element which increases the risk to the insurer.

Builders Risk

Builders Risk insurance covers a building during the course of construction.  This insurance can simply cover the structure of the building (labour and materials) or it can also include the materials stored onsite which have not yet been installed on the structure.